We Believe Your Free Time Wasn't Made for House Cleaning

Living Room Cleaning

We carefully clean all your living areas of your home.

Kitchen Cleaning

We will happily clean your small or large kitchen spaces. Check out our list of house cleaning services below.

Bedroom Cleaning

We meticulously clean all of your sleeping areas - dusting, vacuuming, replacing bed sheets and more.

Bathroom Cleaning

We diligently clean all of the bathrooms in your house. Our hard working staff will help disinfect all surfaces.

Our Residential Cleaning Services

At Kona Paradise Cleaning, we plan all cleaning services for all types of residential homes, such as single-family homes, ohanas, condominiums, and apartments. Our cleaning specialists will clean, sanitize, and disinfect your kitchen, living spaces, sleeping areas, and bathrooms so that you are satisfied with a clean, fresh, and tidy home.

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